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Hollywood’s Hypocrisy on Censorship
Even in the wake of horrific massacres like those in Newtown and Aurora, Hollywood is absolutely adamant that any limitation on violent or other content would constitute “censorship”...until foreign dictators ask them for changes. MORE

Facebook Proves Media Influences Viewers
A recent experiment performed on Facebook users demonstrated once again that what people see in media influences their thoughts and reactions. MORE

MTV's Girl Code: Sexist, Misogynistic, and Degrading to Girls
According to MTV's Girl Code, women exist only to service men's sexual desires. The show pushes these crass, disgusting, and downright dangerous themes at teen girls in the guise of humorous “advice”...but nobody should be laughing. MORE

Broadcast Networks Don’t Understand “Family Entertainment”
In June 2014, the annual PURPOSE Family Entertainment and Faith-Based Summit convened in Beverly Hills. All the convention’s attendees demonstrated a clear understanding of the concepts of “faith” and “family” entertainment — except America’s broadcast networks. MORE

NBC Commits to “Immaculate Conception” Drama
NBC will air a drama allegedly centered around the religious doctrine of the Immaculate Conception -- created by the man behind MTV's teen-sex-and-drug drama Skins. MORE

Why Hollywood Doesn’t Get Duck Dynasty
Despite the popularity of the A&E cable series Duck Dynasty, the entertainment industry is unlikely to build upon its success...because they do not understand it. MORE

Fall 2013 New Show Preview
Here are my evaluations of the new fall shows on broadcast TV, listed by network:
The CW

The following multi-part series discussed how Hollywood's entertainment cartel seeks to overturn government regulation and impose indecent media content on American TV viewers...even though Americans voted against it.

Networks to FCC: “Let Us Do Anything We Want”
Since the “trust-busting” era of Teddy Roosevelt, one of the federal government’s responsibilities has been to ensure that private industry does not trample the rights of American citizens. But in 2013, the broadcast television networks told the government, “Ignore the American people. Let us do anything we want!” MORE

Lies Broadcasters Tell
In their effort to push the Federal Communications Commission into abandoning enforcement of broadcast decency laws, the broadcast networks must have had their spin-doctors working overtime on their public statements. Here’s a roundup of the various questionable claims the networks – who are using the people’s airwaves free of charge – told the government. MORE

Hollywood Writers Attack Decency, Democracy
Recently, the Writers Guild of America (West) filed their “reply comments” on the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed change in enforcement of laws against broadcast decency. In their comments, the Guild launched a vitriolic attack on broadcast decency, the PTC – and the American people. MORE

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